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The Rug Doctor X3 Wins Hands Down!

About The Best Carpet Cleaner Guide: "The site was developed to help people who are looking to buy a carpet cleaner.READ MORE

Consumer research with Aston University

2000 people were interviewed, as part of consumer research commissioned by Rug Doctor, to identify Brits attitudes towards cleaning and hygieneREAD MORE

The nation's filthiest habits revealed and our carpets are harbouring the nasties!

Millions of us could be risking our health because of our poor hygiene in the home, according to research released today.READ MORE

Best Buy Rug Doctor!

Rug Doctor received not one, but two Which? Best Buy recommendations for its Carpet Stain Removers from the respected consumer magazine Which?READ MORE

Rug Doctor Stars On London Stage

What do you do when a play requires a bottle of red wine to be poured over a lounge every night of the performance?READ MORE

New TV Advertisement airs in six ITV1 in July and August!

Rug Doctor’s new TV commercial is appearing in the Granada, Central, Anglia, Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear and Scotland ITV1 regions.READ MORE

Rug Doctor’s First Blogger Event

Rug Doctor held a Blogger Event in London in June at Shoreditch Town Hall – a great time was had by both Mummy & Daddy bloggers and their children!READ MORE

Raising money for Canine Partners

It was our pleasure to complete the London to Brighton Bike Race and raise money for our chosen charity; Canine Partners.READ MORE

Get Set For Christmas

Spruce up your home for Christmas!READ MORE

Remember remember the 5th of November

Safety tips to make your firework night go off with a bang!READ MORE

Get ready for Halloween

Halloween is this Thursday so get ready for fun and gamesREAD MORE

Autumn weather can be just as fun as the Summer

Cold weather doesn't have to ruin all the fun! Here are some tips on how to spend your time this Autumn.READ MORE

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Holiday Home Carpet Cleaning

Lots of people in the UK will have already made holiday plans for the summer. Here’s how a Rug Doctor Carpet cleaner can help freshen up your holiday home.READ MORE

Enter the Rug Doctor Facebook Photo Competition

Want the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD? Enter our Facebook competition by sending us your best, funniest or cutest carpet photos to be in with a chance.READ MORE

Amazing and Disgusting Facts You Didn’t Know about Carpets

If you think deep cleaning your household carpets isn’t all that important, these amazing (and slightly disgusting) facts might change your mind.READ MORE

Removing Food and Drink Stains From Carpets and Upholstery

Food and drink spills can be tough to remove from carpets and furniture upholstery, but not with a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. Read our stain removal adviceREAD MORE

Homely Health Tips You May Not Have Heard

Take a look at these great tips for keeping your home and family healthy; from healthy fruits to improving the atmosphere within a room using a Rug Doctor.READ MORE

Carpets for Gardeners

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the summertime in Britain. Tips on using old carpets in your garden & using a Rug Doctor to clean your household carpetsREAD MORE

Why Even the Most Advanced Vacuum Cleaners Aren’t Good Enough

Not a lot of people realise that even the best vacuum cleaners can’t properly reinvigorate your household carpets. You need a Rug Doctor deep clean.READ MORE

Record Breaking Carpets

Check out these amazing facts about carpets from around the world; everything from the largest handmade carpet to the longest red carpet.READ MORE

Keeping your Car Clean: Tips for Tidy Drivers

Here are some tips for cleaning your car’s exterior and interior. A Rug Doctor carpet cleaner can help keep your upholstery fresh and stain-free.READ MORE

5 Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly around the Home

Here are 5 eco friendly, money saving tips for keeping your home tidy and organised. Rug Doctor rentals can prevent wear to your household carpets.READ MORE

Soundproofing Your Car or Home

Here are our tips on DIY soundproofing of a room or vehicle. Block the racket from noisy neighbours or build your own soundproofed home music studioREAD MORE

How to Make the Most out of a Caravan Holiday

Caravan holidays offer the freedom of getting closer to the great outdoors than most other retreats. Here’s our guide getting started with caravanning.READ MORE

Cleaning Up After Budding Sport Stars in the Family

If your children play outdoor sports, you’ll know how easy it is to walk mud into your home. Here are a few tips to prevent this and clean muddy clothes.READ MORE

Things You Might Not Know About Rug Doctor

Here are a few things you might not know about Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, including their flood damage restoration capabilities and hand tool functions.READ MORE

Summer is coming: Avoiding Allergens in Your Home

Many people suffer from allergies such as hay fever. We look at how carpet cleaning can help prevent the impact of these conditions during the summer.READ MORE

Moving House? No Need to Get Stressed

If you’re thinking of moving house, here are some tips on how to make settling in much easier, from planning and carpet cleaning to housewarming.READ MORE

A History of Magic Carpets

Anyone who has seen the film Aladdin will be familiar with magic carpets, but where did the idea come from and could we ever see them in real life?READ MORE

Boosting Business with a Good Clean Up

We look at the benefits of giving your company’s premises a thorough clean, from the carpets to the ceiling. Renting the equipment keeps costs down.READ MORE

Why the Queen could do with Renting a Rug Doctor

A spilt tea trolley once damaged one of the carpets in Buckingham Palace, costing thousands. A Rug Doctor rental can leave a room fit for royalty.READ MORE

Looking After Household Pets...and Your Home

Owning a dog or cat is great. Here are a few things pet owners need to think about, including how to keep you carpets clean from muddy paw prints.READ MORE

Tips for Quitting Smoking: Keep your Home Clean and Keep healthy

Quitting smoking is always going to be tough but we’ve put together a few tips that might help. A healthy diet and a hygienic home are really important.READ MORE

Spring Cleaning Made Simple

Don't know where to start with spring cleaning? Well look no further than our guide here on how to make the job a simple one.READ MORE

Tips for Sports Fans on how to Cope when the Six Nations Ends

The Six Nations is coming to a close this weekend so here are our tips for sports fans surviving another year without it.READ MORE

The Nation’s Perfect Home

What is your dream home? Recent surveys show that, as a nation, we value nothing more than a cosy and relaxing environment.READ MORE

Easy Easter Entertaining

Entertaining at Easter isn't as daunting as it may seem. Get the kids involved in creating simple decorations & throw a bring-a-dish dinner party.READ MORE

Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is almost here & it'll soon be time to get the gardening gloves out. So we've got some tips to get rid of weeds & stop dirt coming into your house.READ MORE

Reassessing New Year’s Resolutions

With spring just around the corner, how are you getting on with your New Year's Resolutions. If you feel yourself falling off the wagon, read this.READ MORE

Seven Stains the Rug Doctor Handles Like a Pro

Think you've got a carpet stain that just won't come out? The Rug Doctor tackles all stains effectively. We've named 7 here that are simple to remove.READ MORE

5 More Advantages of a Clean Home

As our previous post on advantages of a clean home was so successful, we've decided to treat you & provide you with even more reasons to get the duster outREAD MORE

Green Living Guide

Are you an eco-friendly household? Do you do whatever you can to help the environment? Making small changes can help to make a big difference.READ MORE

How to Host the Perfect Children’s Birthday Party (and keep your cool)

Planning and preparing a child's birthday party can be a stressful time. We have compiled a list of points to help make the party a success.READ MORE

The Best Carpet for Pet Owners

Owning a pet can make it difficult to maintain clean, healthy carpets. Thankfully, we have a solution to covering up any little messes that may occurREAD MORE

Carpet Care Tips from Installation to Disposal

Looking after a carpet can be a difficult task. But enforcing a number of house rules can make all the difference. Take a look here at our suggestions.READ MORE

An Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Thinking of what to get your mum for Mother's day? Well look no further, we have some great ideas that will make sure you spoil her on that special dayREAD MORE

Keep the Kids Entertained and your Carpet Clean this Half Term

Half term is a stressful time; the kids need entertaining so they don't get bored. Here are our tips on how to keep them happy whilst you keep the peaceREAD MORE

Interior Design Trends for 2013 – Flooring

Not sure which carpet or rug to choose for your living room? Look no further, we have some great tips that will help make that decision an easy oneREAD MORE

Love your Home this Valentine’s Day

How are you treating your loved one this Valentine's Day? Don't forget that your home is in need of a little TLC tooREAD MORE

Viva Vintage

Rather than throwing old furniture away, why not give it a makeover? It's a great way of recycling old items & shaping them to suit your personality.READ MORE

Stay Safe and Have Fun in the Snow

We all love to see snow & so we've listed some great tips to help you enjoy the white weather whilst staying safe at all timesREAD MORE

Six Easy Ways to Dinner Party Success

Planning on hosting a dinner party? Well here are some surefire tips to make sure your evening runs smoothly and is enjoyed by allREAD MORE

Decorating with Colour

Read our guide on how to create stunning looks in your home with bright & bold colours, various accessories & tips on how to keep it looking vibrantREAD MORE

Incredible Engineering for the Home

The amount of time we spend on chores has reduced significantly over recent years. We take a look at the appliances that have helped make our lives easier.READ MORE

Essential DIY Tricks Everyone Should Learn

We discuss essential DIY tricks that everyone should know to save time & money. These tips mean you can save things that may otherwise have been thrown outREAD MORE

Budget-Busting Interior Design Tricks

Giving your home a new look doesn't have to cost the earth. Here are a few tricks to doing it on a budget including giving your carpet a deep cleanREAD MORE

End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List

You've come to the end of your tenancy & it's time for a big clean to get your deposit back. To make it easier, we have compiled a cleaning check list.READ MORE

Six Alternative Uses for Carpet

Just had a new carpet fitted? Well don't throw those scraps away. We've got some great tips on how they can be used around the house for other purposes.READ MORE

Wallet-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home Decor

Giving your house a new look doesn't have to break the bank. We have tips on how to revitalise your home on a budget.READ MORE

Eight Healthy Habits for 2013

Rather than choosing New Years Resolutions that you'll give up on, why not adopt a few healthy habits? Change your lifestyle without even realising it.READ MORE

Clean and Lean – Shed the Christmas Weight with Housework

Have you put on a few pounds over Christmas? Try combining your cleaning sessions with a small workout by following these sure-fire tipsREAD MORE

Advice for New Pet Owners

If you're bringing a newborn puppy or kitten into your home this year, there are a few things you'll need to know. Take a look here at some of our tips.READ MORE

Ten Facts about Carpet

Thought you knew everything there was to know about carpet? Well we have a few facts here - historic and grim are to name a fewREAD MORE

Practical Housekeeping Tips and Tricks

Housekeeping doesn't have to be a difficult task. Taking a few simple steps will help things move smoothly. Our post here explains how.READ MORE

Top Ten Party Hires

With a year of party planning ahead, make sure you follow our top tips here. We cover all topics in this post, from magicians to carpet cleaning.READ MORE

Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Whether you love it or hate it, we've got some great cleaning tips that will make the job seem effortless.READ MORE

Happy New Home

Take a look here at our top tips on how to move house stress free including planning ahead, organisation & carpet cleaningREAD MORE

Keeping Your House Clean During Parties

When you're hosting a party, cleaning up can be a hassle. However, with a little forward planning and Rug Doctor backup, you won't need to worry.READ MORE

Are Carpets the Best Floor Covering?

Carpet is probably the best all rounder, but there are other floor coverings available. How do they measure up in terms of stain resistance and wear?READ MORE

No One is Too Busy to Clean – Completing Household Chores in 10 Minutes

If you hate cleaning or think you don't have time, take a peek at our cleaning tips. Remove stains, dirt and grime with ease by doing a little every day.READ MORE

A Student’s Guide to Renting Property

Take a look at our student rental guide, with information on bills, responsibilities and carpet cleaning. Let us help you get your deposit back.READ MORE

Eliminating Odours in the Home

A pleasant smelling home is a joy, so check out our guide to removing nasty odours in carpets, upholstery and the air. No bread or coffee making necessary.READ MORE

Choosing The Right Carpet For Your Home

Choosing a carpet can be baffling - do you need a twist or loop pile? Wool or manmade fibre? Check out our guide for more information.READ MORE

New Year’s Resolutions

When deciding on New Year’s resolutions, try something completely different. This could mean walking or cycling everywhere, or deep cleaning your carpet.READ MORE

Have a Clean and Safe Home for Your 2013 Baby

With a rumoured baby boom in the New Year, you want to make sure that your new arrival is safe and won’t pick up nasty germs during floor playREAD MORE

Carpet Idioms and Phrases

If you thought 'the red carpet treatment' was a stain remover, you need our guide to rug related phrases, from express trains to Ben Franklin's squirrel.READ MORE

Cleaning up for Christmas

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with Christmas time, it’s easy to forget one of the most important things; cleaning the house.READ MORE

What’s Your Cleaning Personality?

Take a peek to discover your cleaning personality. Do you clean your carpets or let the clutter pile high? Whatever your approach, Rug Doctor can help.READ MORE

5 Things that are Dirtier than Your Toilet Seat

If you think your toilet seat is dirty, think again - chopping boards, carpets and even your toothbrush contain more germs. Here's what you can do to help.READ MORE

5 Tips for Cleaning up After a Flood

If you've been affected by flooding, you want to clean up as fast as possible. Using a Rug Doctor machine can get your carpets clean and dry in no time.READ MORE

The Advantages of Cleaning Carpets Yourself

Unsure how to get your carpets cleaned? Look at our guide for all the options: rent or buy a Rug Doctor, use another brand or hire some professionals.READ MORE

Tips for a Hassle Free Halloween

With Halloween coming up, it's important to be prepared. Here are some great tips for a hassle free party and easy trick-and-treating: clean, safe and fun.READ MORE

At a time when we’re all having to tighten our belts… how renting can save you money.

Although buying things might always seem the cheaper option, renting and hiring equipment can be more cost effective. It depends how often you use it.READ MORE

A Non-Toxic Home

There are more harmful chemicals in cleaning products and our homes than we think. These tips will help you clean up for a healthier environment.READ MORE

5 Advantages of a Clean Home

Cleaning is important, but do you know just how important it is? A tidy house can mean better health, greater creativity and a more positive mindset.READ MORE

Alternative Ways to Clean with Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor's carpet cleaning machines are well known for cleaning carpets, but did you know you can also clean cars and mattresses, and remove stains?READ MORE

Sell your house for up to £5,000 more – without spending a fortune

When selling your house a little effort makes a huge difference. Cleaning your carpets, tidying and general maintenance can add up to £5,000 to the price.READ MORE

Cleaning tips for pet owners: glass, carpets and upholstery

Pet owners often find keeping their home clean difficult, but this needn't be the case. Follow our simple tips for a home that looks and smells great.READ MORE

Reduce the impact of your allergies this summer

Simple tips to fight allergies, from showering before bed to carpet cleaning. Get the most out of your summer by removing allergens from your home.READ MORE

Are you up to date with carpet technology? A brief history of rugs and carpets

A short history of floor coverings and carpets, from prehistory to the Rug Doctor. Find out how our carpet cleaners stop you living in the past.READ MORE

Rug Doctor & Aggie MacKenzie highlight the importance of deep cleaning your carpets!

Rug Doctor & Aggie MacKenzie highlight the importance of deep cleaning your carpets! Watch this interview with Aggie to find out more..READ MORE

What Lies Beneath, The Dirty Truth About Our Carpets

Shocking new research from Rug Doctor has revealed the state of the nation's homes, showing poor hygiene levels and the presence of potentially hazardous illness-inducing bacteria in our carpets could be putting us at risk.READ MORE

Rug Doctor appears on Ireland's TV3 AM Show

Rug Doctor appears on Ireland's TV3 AM ShowREAD MORE

Rug Doctor celebrates its fifth year of fundraising for charity Canine Partners

For the past five years Rug Doctor has proudly supported the training of dogs for the disabled by fundraising for the charity Canine Partners.READ MORE

'The Queen Of Clean' Aggie MacKenzie Gives Rug Doctor The Thumbs Up!

Aggie was thrilled with the results and emphasised the great value for money that renting a Rug Doctor represents, ‘it’s tons cheaper than getting someone in’READ MORE

Rug Doctor Pro appears in hit US TV show!

Now popular in the UK, we were excited to see a Rug Doctor Pro feature in series 5 episode 3, when Adam and Jen attempt to clean an old rug given to them by friends. After one pass Adam reveals the dirty water extracted from the carpet by the Rug Doctor to Jen who shrieks "God that's disgusting".READ MORE

Rug Doctor launches social media sites

“We are really excited to join the world of social media! We’ve already made a great start talking to customers around the world including New Zealand and Australia. We are truly over whelmed by - and appreciative of - the amount of positive feedback we’ve received already”READ MORE

'Rug Doctor Makes An Appearance On Channel 4 Programme'

We were naturally very pleased to see our Rug Doctor pavement sign appear in the background of both the opening and closing scenes of the documentary! Thank you Channel Four for including the ultimate money saver in carpet cleaning in your documentary - Rug Doctor!READ MORE

Rug Doctor Attends Johnsons The Cleaners Basildon Fun Day!

Shoppers were keen to see how the Rug Doctor could clean even the most stubborn of stainsREAD MORE

‘Indoor Allergy Week’ in the UK. Vacuuming Is Not Enough! Rent A Rug Doctor

Vacuuming alone is simply not enough. November 14th sees the start of ‘Indoor Allergy Week’, which aims to highlight what can be done to avoid the household triggers to various allergies.READ MORE

Using the Rug Doctor for cleaning car interiors

Did you know that the Rug Doctor and the Rug Doctor Upholstery Hand Tool is a perfect solution for cleaning car interiors including car carpets, fabric interiors and headlinings ?READ MORE

Rug Doctor in new Brad Pitt movie!

When Paramount Pictures wanted to fill an American supermarket set being filmed in the UK with iconic American brands for the latest Brad Pitt blockbuster - naturally they contacted Rug Doctor!READ MORE

The dangers of cigarette smoke in carpet

The report warned that the dangers of third-hand smoke are very real as the toxic particles in cigarette smoke linger on surfaces long after the cigarette has been put out. Even suggesting that a carpet could be as potentially dangerous as an ashtray.READ MORE

Are modern homes healthy? Or a breeding ground for allergies?

Allergies such as asthma are increasing with 5.4 million people now affected by it in the UK and our home environments are a major contributor to this.READ MORE

Floor playtime helps child development

A recent report has set out five key steps parents should take in order to help their child develop better in their early years and which will have a substantial impact on the future social and behaviour skills of the childREAD MORE

Rug Doctor on Chris Evans' Radio 2 breakfast show

Rug Doctor is pleased to have featured on the popular BBC Radio 2 breakfast show hosted by Chris Evans, a show with over 9 million nationwide listeners a week.READ MORE