And Breathe

Student life: It’s a bit like being back at school but out on your own; it’s different. 

Student life is different once Fresher’s week is over. You’ve met your new housemates and made some new friends… after one or two cheap shots! You’re finding your way around a new town or city, and you know where to get the best discounts. Now the work begins! It’s always fun, moving away, settling into a new place with new people, but it can also be quite stressful. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the workload and negotiating the ups and downs, late nights, and early starts. There is always help at hand, and your Student Union is always around to offer the appropriate services. 

We are very proud to say that we are supporting Exeter University Nightline. So far, we have helped them set up a new safe space for the volunteers, who do a fantastic job with their advice and support for all students. The NightLine covers everything from speaking to people who may need a friendly voice as they walk home to making you feel more secure. Advice to help you through the stuff you’ve never had to deal with before, such as bills, tenancy arrangements, a voice that will listen if life is getting you down.

Remember to take care of yourself (as your Mother would worry) and take care of your student digs. We here at Rug Doctor HQ have been students too, and we know that cleaning is never a priority… washing up is a chore! But when it comes to getting your deposit back at the end of term, it does kind of matter, especially if you are at the bank of Mum and Dad!

Rug Doctor can offer rental machines for when you are have had a spillage on the carpet from the cheap red wine or the pasta sauce that has slipped on the sofa. Easy to use, and all you have to do is go online… it can even be delivered to your door if collecting it in-store is a problem. You’ve got no excuses!

Most importantly, look after yourselves, work hard and have fun… or I’ll tell your parents!