DogFest and The Doctor

If you have a lockdown puppy how are things going? Haven’t been able to go on proper walks for weeks? Puppy only met another dog for the first time? It’s a tough time for our little furry friends as well as us. There’s also the puppy training, it’s a learning curve having a pet that is as lively as a new puppy and not been able to take it out anywhere! Normally you would do the classes and learn to live with the new one but as everything has been so remote, the muddy paws, hair on the sofa, worried about dog smells?

There are the added problems of perhaps if you have children, working from home and when we bring that into the balance – some say that having a dog is like having a new baby! It’s a juggle. How many plates can you spin?! We are here with Dogfest to help you with it all! Check out the dates and locations here Dog Fest and Rug Doctor have everything in hand, from expert advice to unique dog friendly products.

Rug Doctor is only too aware of pet owners’ needs and how often you need to clean up the muddy paw prints to training mistakes, whether you go out adventuring or if you are simply playing in the garden, Rug Doctor has everything you need for your pet. Our pet safe products can clean up everything from new puppy mistakes to dog hair in your car and bring everything back to looking new! Rug Doctor has been keeping homes clean for decades and this is not just what we do – our Pet PSC is the perfect machine to clean up after your furry friend and also your furniture and car too.

Rug Doctor is delighted to be supporting DogFest and we know that with all your dog needs, we will be there to help you along your way, we know your pet is a very special member of your family and you can have everything you need at your fingertips with DogFest and Rug Doctor. Check us both out!

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Pet Portable Spot Cleaner