Teenage Kicks

Home Delivery Rental Machine

Exams. They’ve done them and now we all have that one teenager that is hanging around the house right now, the one that has just finished their GCSE or A-Level exams and, now they have nothing to do with their time? Now that school is over why not get them to do something as payback?! You ask, you beg, you plead with them to put the most basic of stuff in the dishwasher… but giving them something, a task that is their very own is quite rewarding both ways.

If they are kicking around – get them earning their pocket money!

If you love a clean home why not get them to help you around the house… you may think this is a big ask but you might be surprised. How many times do you ask and never get a proper response, at best a grunt or a shoulder shrug? We’ve all been there! Well, you may be shocked when they actually want to do stuff! Perhaps the trust is not quite there but you may well be astonished when you see the confidence in the kids rise when they take part in home delivery. They can collect from the doorstep and you can see the results when you get back home.

With a Rug Doctor machine – you can leave the house, let them take control and with our home delivery service, the machine is dropped off at your home and is all ready to go with hand tools and solution. Simple to use even your teenager can use it and as our home delivery comes with full instructions (if they choose to read them!), then you don’t need to drown your carpet! Within a few hours, it will be back to looking pristine.

Also, the bonus is that with the hand tools is that you can also ask them to do the upholstery such as sofas, cushions, dining chairs, and maybe if you are lucky, even your car seats! Or, if your patio needs a bit of a zhuzh up then try the new line of rentables and get them spritzing with a pressure washer.

If ever there was a time for them to shine, this is it!

Since hanging around the park hasn’t been an option lately, It’s the perfect time to give them something else to do. and it is to your benefit… Just don’t tell them that!