They’re Back!

Rug Doctor cleaning machines

Summer holidays 2021. The time of year has come around once again, now we can finally appreciate a sense of normality and how things are and should be again. The kids are back in school!

School was out for Summer. Now They’re Back! Summer holidays 2021. The last 18 months have been turbulent to say the least! We’ve done the banana bread and the sourdough, the home schooling has been am arduous task… err… trying to remember any GCSE physics has been a challenge whilst juggling our own jobs and trying to work from the same environment… I’m not even going to mention petrol.

So many people in one household has been tough, and not just on us, but the home will have taken a pounding too. This is the perfect time to get rid of all the little things that have been overlooked, the stains on the sofa from a dispended Fruit Shoot, to the ill advised takeaway in front of the TV. The carpets and furnishings have taken a hit.

Now that we are allowed to have friends and family back in the house, the footfall has increased. The people coming from the garden and into the home has increased. Not to mention the fact that the little ones have been out to play again. This month is a time to breathe. Once they are back to school, the older ones have gone off to university and that spare room that you now have, is probably looking a bit worn out. This is your chance to get yourself back into action and create your own space.

Where To Start?

The tranquility has returned and you can have your few hours of calm. Now is your time to release the cleaning beast! Where do you want to start? Carpet, sofa, stairs or mattresses? there’s also a pressure washer for touching up the patio?

It’s still warm enough to open the windows and let the freedom begin! You don’t need to worry about storing a machine as you can rent one from many of our outlets and to make life even easier you can have it delivered to your door … and collected once you are done. There’s hand held attachments, if you have requested them with your order, they make cleaning that sofa and staircase a dream. Simple instructions are included and as long as you follow them too and don’t drown your carpets!

There is also the factor that there is no longer any excuse to not having your home looking pristine. What a difference a day makes!