Hiring someone to clean your carpets can be very expensive. Why not hire a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner instead, and see how much you can save? Join over a million happy customers today.

Transform old and tired carpets with a Rug Doctor machine – you’ll be amazed at the results! Rug Doctor’s award-winning cleaning process tackles dirt and grime lurking deep in your carpets. Our unique vibrating brush technology works with our powerful detergents to lift dirt and stains from your carpet’s pile. 

You can also refresh your upholstery, mattresses and even your car interior with our hand tool attachment. Available with all rentals for an additional £4.99.

Hiring a Rug Doctor is easy with our three step process!

1. Hire 2. Use. 3. Return. 

 The only way to rent a Rug Doctor machine is via Rug Doctor directly or through an official outlet. If you have rented or been offered the purchase of a red rental machine through an unauthorised dealer, please be aware that no delivery or operating issues will be covered by Rug Doctor and you may be in possession of stolen goods.
I.D may be required for instore booking.
Please ensure to use Rug Doctor detergents when hiring a Rug Doctor machine. Other detergents, such as laundry detergent will damage the machine and possibly your carpets.



rental machine

The Rug Doctor

Breathe new life into your carpets and upholstery with the Rug Doctor machine.

Vacuum cleaners can’t remove all the dust, grime and allergens lurking in your carpet. However, the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner has the power to reach even the deepest layers of your carpet to freshen your home.

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wide track machine

Rug Doctor Wide Track

For larger carpeted areas, the Rug Doctor Wide Track reduces cleaning time.

Offering the same cleaning performance as the standard machine, the Wide Track has 30% larger tank capacity and a 16% wider cleaning path. This means emptying and refills are less frequent, leaving you with more time for carpet cleaning.

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Rug Doctor Floor Dryer

For those in a hurry the all new Rug Doctor
Floor Dryer cuts drying time from carpet cleaning in half. The Floor Dryer is also ideal for painting walls, plumbing emergencies, and

Only available via home delivery.

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Hire Price
Rug Doctor Standard Machine
24 hour hire

Available from £24.99

48 hour hire

Available from £29.99

Hire Price
Rug Doctor Wide Track Machine
24 hour hire

Available from £28.99

48 hour hire

Available from £32.99