Hiring someone to clean your carpets can be very expensive. Why not hire a RugDoctor carpet cleaner instead, and see how much you can save? Join over 1,000,000 happy customers today.

Transform old and tired carpets with a Rug Doctor machine – you’ll be amazed at the results! Our award-winning cleaning process removes stains and dirt buried deep within your carpet.

Hiring a RugDoctor is easy with our three step process!

1. Hire 2. Use. 3. Return. 


rug doctor machine

The RugDoctor

Breathe new life into your carpets and upholstery with the RugDoctor machine.

Vacuum cleaners can’t remove all the dust, grime and allergens lurking in your carpet. However, the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner has the power to reach even the deepest layers of your carpet to freshen your home.

wide track machine

RugDoctor Wide Track

For larger carpeted areas, the RugDoctor Wide Track reduces cleaning time.

Offering the same cleaning performance as the standard machine, the Wide Track has 30% larger tank capacity and a 16% wider cleaning path. This means emptying and refills are less frequent, leaving you with more time for carpet cleaning.

Hire Price
RugDoctor Standard Machine
24 hour hire

Available from £22.99

48 hour hire

Available from £28.99

Hire Price
RugDoctor Wide Track Machine
24 hour hire

Available from £28.99

48 hour hire

Available from £32.99 

Once you’ve selected your Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner, you’ll need the correct detergents and stain removers for your cleaning needs. Clean a room today from as little as ten pounds! 

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