Our handy self-service lockers are available at selected large stores, and with no forms or queues, it’s the fastest way to hire a Rug Doctor.

Our detailed video guide shows you all you need to know about collecting your Rug Doctor machine.

Or, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

hire-on-PC-1-220 Using the Self-Service LockerBook your Rug Doctor hire online or over the phone. If you choose the self-service option, we’ll provide you with a locker number and code.

Step 2

cleaning-products-2-220 Using the Self-Service LockerChoose and purchase the cleaning products you need in-store.

Step 3

locker-number-3-220 Using the Self-Service LockerFind our self-service lockers near the checkouts – identify your numbered locker and enter your four-digit code.

Step 4

welcome-leaflet-4-220 Using the Self-Service LockerRemember to take the welcome pack located on the inside of the locker door.

Step 5

machine-5-v2-220 Using the Self-Service LockerRemove your Rug Doctor machine and make sure its number matches the one we gave you.

Step 6

hand-tool-6-220 Using the Self-Service LockerIf you’ve hired the Hand Tool as part of your rental, take this from the locker.

Step 7

closed-door-7-220 Using the Self-Service LockerRemember to close and lock the door after you’ve removed the machine and Hand Tool.

Step 8

returned-8-220 Using the Self-Service LockerTo return the machine, simply open the locker using the same code. Place the machine and Hand Tool (if rented) back inside, then close and lock the door.