Rug Doctor’s Deep Cleaning Power

A vacuum cleaner will only remove your carpet’s surface dirt – it won’t pick up the grime buried deep within your precious pile, let alone any stubborn stains. Rug Doctor uses a powerful cleaning process to get right down to the dirt that even the best vacuum cleaners leave behind.

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Do More Than Vacuuming

Keep your carpets clean and hygienic requires more than just vacuuming regularly. They may look clean, but beneath the surface, there’s a whole host of dirt and grime your eyes can’t see. Take a look at our Richard & Judy TV report to see just how clean your carpets are!
dust mites
machine cleaning path
A Rug Doctor machine can also help households that struggle with allergies. The cleaning process can reduce the number of irritants in the carpets and upholstery, leaving you with a healthy and hygienic environment.

Restore and Refresh with Rug Doctor

The deep cleaning power of a Rug Doctor destroys the breeding ground for mites and bacteria. It removes the following from your carpets:
dirty footprints
dust mite

Carpet pile can be really difficult to maintain, and no matter how often you vacuum, it never seems to look as good as new.

When you clean your carpet with a Rug Doctor, not only will you get a deep down clean but you will also refresh and restore the carpet fibres – making the pile look and feel like new again. Hire now.