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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my nearest Rug Doctor?
Available at supermarkets, DIY stores and independent retailers. Find your nearest store here!
How does the Rug Doctor work?
Rug Doctor machines deep clean the carpet's pile, removing stains, dust and allergens.
Why use the Rug Doctor?
We use a unique, three stage clean: spray, agitate, dry. Your carpets will be spotless and dry quicker than ever.
How do I use the Rug Doctor?
Learn everything you need to know with our easy-to-understand user guides.
Why is Rug Doctor so special?
Carpet care experts with over 40 years’ experience in 3,300 outlets.

Customer testimonials

So easy to do!

Doing my living room carpet today fabulous machine and so easy to do!! It’s perfect for cleaning car upholstery too with the attachment!

Kris / Email

Visitors thought I had new carpets

I used it yesterday did not realise how brilliant it was what an amazing transformation it has on my carpets.I had some visitors and they thought I had new carpets.

I would recommend it to all my friends.

J Heard / Facebook

Best Customer Service

Many thanks, can I just take this opportunity to praise you and the company for what has to be my best experience of any company’s customer service, remarkable!

Mac Mcdonald / Email

Cleaning solutions

Cleaning Solutions

Odour Remover – 500ml


Rug Doctor’s innovative cleaning solution for foul-smelling carpets or upholstery. The enzymatic formula breaks down odours at their source, leaving you with fresher smelling carpets.

Cleaning Solutions

Urine Eliminator – 500ml


Extremely effective for removing natural stains such as blood, faeces and urine. Ideal for families with young children or households with pets.


Cutting-edge formula that attacks pet stains on carpets and upholstery. Enjoy your pets without the mess they leave behind.


Our Carpet Detergent with SpotBlok® is the key to revitalising your carpets. Formulated to work with the Rug Doctor Carpet cleaning machines for brilliantly clean and stain-repellent carpets.

Cleaning Solutions

Oxy Spot Cleaner – 1ltr


New, oxygen-boosted formula which eliminates stubborn stains. Use with Rug Doctor’s Portable Spot Cleaner for impeccable cleaning results.


Provides the cleaning power of bleach, without the nasty side effects. The unique oxy action formula removes the colour from carpet stains, even turning red wine spills invisible!


Get fantastic cleaning results on fabrics and upholstery. For use with the Rug Doctor Hand Tool attachment. Our innovative anti-foam technology minimises foam build-up for a faster drying time.