Our handy guides will help you remove the toughest stains from your home. From accidental wine spills to dried-in makeup, Rug Doctor has the solutions for all of your stain nightmares.

Red Wine

If you’ve spilled red wine, don’t panic. Follow our guide and avert the disaster.


Lipsticks and eyeliners can be difficult to remove. Find out how to fix stubborn makeup stains here.

Fruit Juice

So, you’ve spilled colourful fruit juice on your plush cream carpet. Don’t despair – try our products now.


Discover the ideal cleaning solution for tackling curry stains, so you can keep enjoying your meals.


If your pet leaves occasional ‘puddles’ on your carpets, Rug Doctor is here to help.


Accidents happen. You’ve dealt with the medical problem. Now it’s time to turn to the Rug Doctor.


We all need something strong to wake us up in the morning. If you spill your coffee, we’ve got you and your carpet covered.