Our handy video guides will help you remove the toughest stains from your carpets. From accidental wine spills to dried-in makeup, Rug Doctor has the solution for your carpet stain nightmares.

How to Remove Makeup Stains

Colourful lipsticks and liquid eyeliners can stain deep into your carpet’s pile making them tough to remove. If your carpet has stubborn makeup stains, try this:

Removing Fruit Juice Stains

So you’ve spilt colourful fruit juice on your plush cream carpet. But don’t despair – try this:

How to Remove Curry Stains

Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover is the ideal cleaning solution for tackling tough curry stains.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

If you’ve spilt red wine on your cream carpet, don’t panic – disaster can be averted. Simply follow our video guide and have your carpets looking as good as new:

How to Remove Pet Stains

If your pet leaves occasional ‘puddles’ on your carpets, Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator is here to help:

Removing Blood Stains

Accidents happen. Let’s say your child has suffered a nosebleed and, after dealing with the immediate medical problem, you discover dried-in blood. Now it’s time to turn to the Rug Doctor: