Our handy guides will help you remove the toughest stains from your home. From accidental wine spills to dried-in makeup, Rug Doctor has the solutions for all of your stain nightmares.

spilled_wine How to Remove Stains

Red Wine

If you’ve spilled red wine, don’t panic. Simply follow our guide so you can avert the disaster.

Rug-Doctor-Make-up-stain-remover-500x500 How to Remove Stains


Lipsticks and eyeliners can be difficult to remove. Find out how to fix stubborn makeup stains here.

Orange-Juice-stain-500x500 How to Remove Stains

Fruit Juice

So, you’ve spilt colourful fruit juice on your plush cream carpet. Don’t despair – try our products now.

Curry-Stain-500x500 How to Remove Stains


Discover the ideal cleaning solution for tackling curry stains, so you can keep enjoying your meals.

grass-180-png How to Remove Stains


Grass stains can be tough to beat. Find out how to make them disappear with Rug Doctor products.

chocolate-180-png How to Remove Stains


Has someone dropped a sweet treat on the carpet? Let Rug Doctor remove the chocolate stain for you.

Pet-Stain-Rug-Doctor-500x500 How to Remove Stains


If your pet leaves occasional ‘puddles’ on your carpets, Rug Doctor is here to help you.

Remove-blood-stains-500x500 How to Remove Stains


You’ve dealt with the medical problem. Now it’s time to turn to the Rug Doctor.

coffee-stain-500x500 How to Remove Stains


We all need a pick-me-up in the morning. If you spill coffee, we’ve got you covered.

paint-180-png How to Remove Stains


Don’t hold back on being artistic in your home. Have fun, then we’ll deal with the paint spills.

ink-180-png How to Remove Stains


How do you get ink stains out of your carpet? Look no further – we’ve got the answers.

milk-180-png How to Remove Stains


Getting your kids to drink healthily is important, and so is removing the milk stains. We can help with that.

Find out what stains you can remove using Rug Doctor products by downloading our stain removal guide below.