Stairs can take a lot of effort to clean. But, the Rug Doctor Hand Tool can make it a breeze! It will get into all of the nooks and crannies to leave every inch of your stairs looking like new.

Just follow our guide below to find out how to clean your stairs with ease.


These simple steps will ensure that you make the most of your Rug Doctor Hand Tool, and get your stairs looking pristine in no time.

Rug Doctor Hand Tool cleaning stairs

Step 1

Vacuum your stairs well before using your Rug Doctor.

Bucket filling up Rug Doctor tank with water

Step 2

Remove the upper tank from the machine. Add 150ml of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent to the lower tank, then fill it with hot water to around halfway up the mesh filter.

Woman attaching tank to Rug Doctor machine

Step 3

Securely attach the upper tank to the Rug Doctor with the black retaining wire.

Hands attaching pipes on Rug Doctor machine

Step 4

Disconnect the pipes on the back of the machine, then connect the smaller solution pipe from the Hand Tool to the brass connector. Also attach the larger vacuum pipe to the vacuum hose.

Hand pressing switch on Rug Doctor

Step 5

Plug in the machine, set the switch on the top to ‘Hand Tool Use’, then turn your Rug Doctor on.

Rug Doctor Hand Tool cleaning carpeted stairs

Step 6

Begin cleaning at the top of the stairs. To do this, pull the Hand Tool backwards over the carpet while squeezing the trigger to spray the cleaning solution. Then, release the trigger and repeat this process.

Rug Doctor Hand Tool spraying water into sink

Step 7

When you’ve finished, spray out any excess cleaning solution.

Hand disconnecting pipe on Rug Doctor machine

Step 8

Disconnect the Hand Tool and reconnect the pipes. Then, remove the upper tank and empty out the dirty water.

Hands removing filter from Rug Doctor machine

Step 9

Detach the filter and clean it under a tap. You can then replace it, ready for when you need it next.


Make sure to never use water that might scald your skin, and always fill your Rug Doctor with lukewarm water for woollen carpets. Ensure all connections are secure before cleaning.

Enjoy the Results

The Rug Doctor Hand Tool will make quick work of refreshing your stairs. If you come across any stubborn marks that just won’t come out, take look at our stains guides.