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So easy to do!

Doing my living room carpet today fabulous machine and so easy to do!! It’s perfect for cleaning car upholstery too with the attachment!

Kris / Facebook

Visitors thought I had new carpets

I used it yesterday did not realise how brilliant it was what an amazing transformation it has on my carpets. I had some visitors and they thought I had new carpets I would recommend it to all my friends.

J Heard / Facebook

Best Customer Service

Many thanks, can I just take this opportunity to praise you and the company for what has to be my best experience of any company’s customer service, remarkable!

Mac Mcdonald / Email


Officially converted to carpet cleaning

I would definitely recommend hiring a Rug Doctor. Having seen the colour of the waste water after each room was cleaned, I was actually shocked and it has made me want to clean my carpets regularly.

Jenny Paulin / Mummy Mishaps

All of the stains were gone

I could see it making a difference almost immediately. The carpet was clearly richer in colour and its fabrics looked in better shape too. Once I had done the whole room, it looked so much better.

Tom Briggs / Diary of the Dad

The machine is so simple to set up

If you have some questionable carpets or have just moved in and want to freshen up your home, it’s well worth a quick hire with Rug Doctor – it’s far cheaper than replacing carpets and gives amazing results! 

Laura Wilson / Waffle Mama

Industry Professionals

   It will do the job    in one

Why waste time going over stubborn marks and stains, again and again? Forget the rest and stay with the best. Rug Doctor’s cleaning solutions are hard to beat, and their range – I am happy to say – is outstanding.

Philip Potter / Phil's Cleaning Machine Services

The results speak for themselves

I was very pleased with what the chemicals delivered. It got my van seats looking super clean, as well as feeling and smelling fresh. I definitely think I’ll be using them again.

Owain Laing / Revive Auto Detail

Unique way of cleaning

Overall, we are very impressed with the Rug Doctor range. They give you great value for money and do exactly what they say on the bottle. Their chemical cleaners are very user-friendly, both for the professional and home user.

Rhys Fenton / Defined Detail