Rug Doctor Cleaning Machine Guides

How to Clean Upholstery

The Rug Doctor Hand Tool can clean car interiors, upholstery and even mattresses. Find out how to get the best cleaning results here.

How to Clean Carpets

Find out how to refresh and revitalise your carpets with our cleaning guide.

Using Your Portable Spot Cleaner

See how to get the best cleaning results using our powerful and lightweight spot cleaner.

Using Your Deep Carpet Cleaner

For professional carpet cleaning results whenever you need them, discover our user guide here.

Cleaning Guides

How to Avoid Over Wetting

Oversaturating your carpets with water can leave them looking discoloured and smelling damp. Avoid over-wetting your carpets with our guide.

How to Clean Shag Pile Carpet

Cleaning thicker shag pile carpets can be a tricky task. Find out how to clean them here.

How to Remove Stains

Our instructional videos will help you remove the most common household stains, from red wine to curry.

Removing Pet Stains

These can be a nightmare for your carpets. Our guide will help you to tackle your pet’s little ‘accidents’.