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How to clean your carpets


Only Rug Doctor has a unique vibrating brush technology which agitates dirt right out of the carpet. Add our cleaning formulas and you have the same products used in professional carpet cleaning.

Watch the video above and you'll be admiring deep cleaned carpets in no time.

Prepare your carpets for cleaning

1. Prepare

For an optimal clean, remove furniture from the room and ventilate room. Start cleaning from edge furthest away from door. If this is not possible, move furniture to the centre of the room.

2. Vacuum

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area you are about to clean. This removes any surface dirt and allows the Rug Doctor to most efficiently get at the really deep down dust and dirt trapped in your carpet.

3. Pre-treat

Pre-treat any special problem areas on your carpet with specific Rug Doctor products. Click here to see the emergency stain guide for which product is the correct pre-treatment solution for you.

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Important Information : AVOID OVER-WETTING

Only pass the Rug Doctor over the area you want to clean once to avoid over-wetting the carpet. If over-wetting occurs, your first step should be to try to remove as much moisture as possible by repeating vacuum-only passes.

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A step by step operation guide

1. Remove furniture and vacuum the carpet to pick up any surface dirt. If the furniture cannot be removed, bring it into the centre of the room so the perimeter can be cleaned first.

2. Pull up handle release to suit your height. You only need to walk backwards when cleaning with a Rug Doctor as one-pass cleaning is normally all that is required. No forward motion is possible because of the high vacuum suction at the front of the machine.

3. Now we'll take you through the cleaning solution filling process using Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent with SpotBlok or Rug Doctor Pet Formula Carpet Detergent.

4. Fill a clean household bucket with nine litres of hot tap water. Don't use water that is hot enough to burn or scald the skin. Only use luke warm water only for wool carpets.

5. Remove the white recovery tank by unclipping the wire retaining handle.

6. Pour 150mls of Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent or Rug Doctor Pet Formula Detergent directly into the bottom red base tank of the machine. It's about half a coffee mug full. For Wide Track machines pour a coffee mug and a half (225ml) of Detergent.

7. Top up the red base tank with the hot water until it reaches half way up the mesh filter. Only use luke warm water for wool carpets. For heavily soiled carpets you may double the concentration. Do not put detergent into the top white recovery tank.

8.Replace white recovery tank. Replace the retaining wire back over the clear dome - making sure it snaps shut for a vacuum tight fit.

9. Push the white rocker switch on top of the machine over to 'CARPET CLEANING'. This is the one you want to use now. Full instructions are also on the machine.

10. Once the machine has
been set up, plug the machine
into a power socket. If an RCD
plug is fitted, set and test by
following the operating
instructions on the front of the
RCD. Now you're ready to clean....

Lets start carpet cleaning...

1. Press vacuum switch to the ON position.

2. Tilt machine back slightly so the brush is not touching the carpet and press the red spray button on the handle. Once you see the cleaning solution being sprayed out of the side of the machine return the front of machine to carpet and slowly start pulling the Rug Doctor machine backwards.

3. Continue slowly pulling the machine backwards - pressing the red spray button all the time - and making a steady straight run back down the carpet.

4. About one foot before reaching the end of a run, release the red spray button but continue to pull the machine. This avoids wetting the last part of the carpet as you stop and prepare for the next run.

5. Line the Rug Doctor so that it slightly overlaps the previous run - this ensures that every part of the carpet is cleaned.

6. The white recovery tank is almost translucent. So it's easy to see when it's nearly full of dirty water .

7. To empty the white recovery tank,
turn the machine off, pull back the
wire retaining handle from over
the clear dome and remove the tank.

8. When the job is done, simply
allow the carpet to dry properly.
Open the windows in the room
or turn on the heating, if possible.
Providing adequate ventilation is
essential to promote effective
drying of the carpet.

Troubleshooting guide

If you are having any problems using your Rug Doctor please refer to our Troubleshooting guide by clicking here. If you are still experiencing problems please call our Consumer Support Specialists (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday 09.00am to 5.00pm, Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm (excluding: New Years Day, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day)) on 01903 235558.