Troubleshooting Guide

If you are experiencing problems with your Rug Doctor hire machine, our handy troubleshooting guide is here to help. If your issues aren’t resolved by watching our guides, please feel free to contact us.

Spray issues

If your Rug Doctor has little or no cleaning solution spraying from the bottom of the machine, try the following:

Spray button not working

If you have any difficulties with the red spray button, try the following solutions:

  • Check the braided hose that feeds the cleaning solution to the spray nozzle. Ensure the hose is securely attached to the brass connector.
  • If the hose is loose, pull down the connector until you see the silver ball bearing. Insert the hose into the connector and push the hose until it snaps shut. Check the connection by gently pulling the hose upwards.
Vacuum & suction issues

If your carpet is damp, but there is no dirty water collected in the white recovery tank, check the dome filter on the top of the machine. Check the wire mesh filter for any blockages, you should be able to see light through the filter. Clean under a tap if the filter is clogged.

Hand tool troubleshooting

Check that the braided hose connecting the hand tool to the machine is fitted correctly. If it is loose, simply pull down the spring-loaded brass connector, insert the braided hose adapter until the brass connector snaps shut. Check for a secure connection by gently pulling on the braided brass or chrome hose.

  • Ensure the machine is set to hand tool use. You can change the cleaning mode by using the white rocker switch found on top of the machine.
  • Remove the grey hose connector that attaches to the hand tool and test for suction using your hand. Machines using a hand tool with a red handle won’t need to remove the grey connector; simply test the hand tool against your hand.
  • Finally, place the cleaning head of either hand tool into a bucket of clean water. Shake vigorously and remove any blockages or debris.
  • If the hand tool still has little or no suction, there may be a fault with your machine. In this case return the machine to the store you hired it from.
Power issues

Here is what to check for if your Rug Doctor machine simply won’t start:

If you’re experiencing problems with your Rug Doctor machine, please contact our Customer Support Team.