Our Carpet Detergent with SpotBlok® is the key to revitalising your carpets. Formulated to work with the Rug Doctor Carpet cleaning machines for brilliantly clean and stain-repellent carpets.

Carpet Detergents

Carpet Wash – 1ltr


This specially formulated Carpet Wash, with added SpotBlok®, is for use in all brands of carpet washers. It's perfect for cleaning and adding protection against future spills on carpets and upholstery.


Effective pre-treatment cleaning solution for high-traffic household areas. Specially formulated for the removal of embedded dirt and grease.

Cleaning Solutions

Odour Remover – 500ml


Rug Doctor’s innovative cleaning solution for foul-smelling carpets or upholstery. The enzymatic formula breaks down odours at their source, leaving you with fresher smelling carpets.


Get fantastic cleaning results on fabrics and upholstery. For use with the Rug Doctor Hand Tool attachment. Our innovative anti-foam technology minimises foam build-up for a faster drying time.