Many stores will allow you to extend the rental period, but this varies by store. Give your rental outlet a call to find out whether this is possible.

Yes, this is really important. You may be charged for returning a dirty machine, so you need to return it in the same condition as you’d like to find it. Take the following steps before returning your rental:

  • Empty and rinse out the white recovery tank.

Question-9A-resized Do I need to clean the machine before I return it?

  • Empty the red solution tank by spraying the Hand Tool attachment over a sink. Or, press the spray button while the machine is outside or over a drain.

Question-9B-resized Do I need to clean the machine before I return it?

  • Clean inside the clear dome and filter.
  • Using rubber gloves, turn the machine over and remove any lint that may have collected on the brush, under the machine and around the wheels.

Question-9C-resized Do I need to clean the machine before I return it?

You’re contractually obliged to return the machine before the rental expiry time. If you don’t return it by this time, some outlets may charge a late return penalty. However, genuine reasons for delay are usually treated sympathetically. Give the store a call if you anticipate a late return.

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