A couple of things can cause the machine to lose suction:

  1. The handle on the white tank is not fitted correctly on the clear dome.
  2. The filter in the clear dome is blocked.
  3. The clear dome is not sitting firmly on the white tank with the handle secured properly.
  4. The grey hose at the back of the machine in the centre is not secured correctly.

If you have checked the above and the problem still isn’t resolved, call our Customer Service Team on 01903 235558*.

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Unfortunately, you’re still contractually responsible for the loss of the machine. Immediately inform the rental outlet, the Police and your insurance company. You’ll also need a Police Crime Number for any insurance claim. Then call our Asset Loss Prevention Controller to report the theft on 01903 222661*.

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Over 90% of renters find answers to their queries on our website and YouTube channel. They contain comprehensive videos and advice on how to use the machine, as well as the most common troubleshooting FAQs.

If you need any further information, call our Customer Service Team on 01903 235558*.

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If you aren’t satisfied with your machine’s condition, do not take the machine from the store. Report it to customer services immediately. For a full guide on machine cleaning, please visit our FAQ’s.

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If any damage occurs during the rental period, contact our Customer Service Team on 01903 235558* so we can arrange for its speedy repair. Then return the machine to your rental outlet and advise them of the damage so they can isolate it from the other machines.

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