Carpet & Upholstery Detergents

Our range of professional carpet and upholstery detergents are designed for use with a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner.

Refresh and revitalise tired looking carpets, leaving them plush and smelling fresh. Our Pet Formula Carpet Detergent is perfect for those little accidents – the effective cleaning action removes urine stains and odours! The Oxy Spot Cleaner is designed for use with the Portable Spot Cleaner, your number one solution to nightmare stain emergencies.

With Rug Doctor Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner, you’ll get the cleaning power needed for your upholstery and fabrics. Get fantastic cleaning results on your car or caravan interior, and you can even use it to deep clean upholstery and mattresses.

£10.99£21.99 BT

Our Carpet Detergent with SpotBlok® is the key to revitalising your carpets. Formulated to work with the Rug Doctor Carpet cleaning machines for brilliantly clean and stain-repellent carpets.

Carpet Detergents

Carpet Wash – 1ltr

£10.00 BT

This specially formulated Carpet Wash, with added SpotBlok®, is for use in all brands of carpet washers. It's perfect for cleaning and adding protection against future spills on carpets and upholstery.

£13.99 BT

Get fantastic cleaning results on fabrics and upholstery. For use with the Rug Doctor Hand Tool attachment. Our innovative anti-foam technology minimises foam build-up for a faster drying time.

Carpet Detergents

Oxy Spot Cleaner – 1ltr

£12.99 BT

New, oxygen-boosted formula which eliminates stubborn stains. Use with Rug Doctor’s Portable Spot Cleaner for impeccable cleaning results.

£13.99 BT

Cutting-edge formula that attacks pet stains on carpets and upholstery. Enjoy your pets without the mess they leave behind.