How to avoid shrinkage to a fitted carpet?

The carpet I want to clean is in a social club and the area of the carpet is approx 5.5 X 7.2 mtrs. I have been told that shrinkage is inevitable when cleaning this type of carpet (heavy duty). Is this true? Can shrinkage be avoided? I must add that there is localised spotting where beer has been spilt and not cleaned up in the past. Hence there are black patches in the carpet now.

I am afraid that the Rug Doctor rental machine is for domestic use only and thus would not be suitable for a carpet at a social club. There are several reasons for this, one such reason is the unsuitability of the use of the machine on carpets in commercial properties such as the type you have listed.

Potentially carpets can shrink when cleaned using a water extraction method dependent on the type of fabric the carpet is and the temperature of the water used. Whilst we would not advise using the Rug Doctor in this instance, it is worth noting that to prevent ‘shrinkage’ when using any cleaner you need to ensure water used is lukewarm and the carpet is not over wet after it has been cleaned.

Also, ensure that the carpet is securely fastened by grippers to maintain its shape.  Carpet tiles are susceptible to coming loose as they are glued in, and would therefore not be suitable for this method of cleaning.

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