Cleaning a stubborn odour?

I have an issue with my new living room carpet it has been down less than 2 month and my daughter spilt cup of milky ovaltine on it I cleaned it straight up but it left a horrible odour have tried numerous things and probably made it worse was wondering if your machines will be able to solve this as its only a small section and doesnt need fully cleaned or would it be better to get it done professionally due to me trying various things

If you still have a stain in the carpet my suggestion would be to purchase a bottle of spot and stain remover , ensuring to read directions on the back.

After using the spot and stain remover, the following day I would use the odour remover leaving it in your carpet for 24 hours. It has an anti-bacterial agent in as well and works brilliantly on whole room carpets which have been affected by odours so I trust it should work well on a small area.

Both the above products should work and at this point as it is such an isolated area I do not believe renting a Rug Doctor machine is necessary.

Both the spot and stain remover and odour remover are trigger sprays and are very easy to use, with specific directions on to use on the back of the bottles.

Please visit our store finder – any rental outlet will have the 2 products in.

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