I’ve got bleach on my carpet. Can you help?

Hi, i spilled red wine on my cream carpet and sprayed a solution on it that had bleach in it. That section of the carpet is now a yellow colour.  Is there a way to get the carpet back to it’s normal colour?

Thank you for your email. Very sorry to hear about the stain on your carpet.

We do a product called spot and stain remover you could try but we can’t guarantee this as you have already used something with bleach in. I would suggest to put a small amount of warm water on the stain and blot it so that any residue of the product you used comes out  and wait for it to dry and then try our Spot and Stain Remover.

If any of the old product is left in the carpet and you use our product this may cause a re-action so be cautious.

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