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All your carpet cleaning questions answered

If you have question about how to rent a Rug Doctor or how to use a Rug Doctor machine, please find our FAQ section below.

+ What does it cost approximately to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

+ What sort of ID do I need to take to the store to rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

+ Do I have to leave a deposit?

+ Is the hand tool included as part of the rental of the Rug Doctor?

+ Where can I rent a Rug Doctor?

+ Can I use products other than Rug Doctor in the machine?

+ Can Rug Doctor carpet detergent and cleaning solutions be mixed together?

+ How many rooms will Rug Doctor carpet detergent clean?

+ Do I need to use a carpet shield type stain protection after I have cleaned the carpet to protect against future spills?

+ What happens if I don't get the machine back on time?

+ What size vehicle do I need to transport the machine?

+ Can I use the Rug Doctor outdoors for cleaning car interiors or caravans?

+ Can I use Rug Doctor cleaning solutions in other branded carpet cleaning machines?

+ Are Rug Doctor cleaning solutions safe for pets and small children?

+ Which solutions can be used in the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner
Which ones are spot and stain cleaners
How can each one best be used?

+ Does Rug Doctor have a product for killing fleas in carpets?

+ Do the Rug Doctor products work well for people with allergies
Are the solutions hypoallergenic?

+ Can the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner be used to extract water - from a flood for instance?

+ Can you use the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner on tile, cement or any other hard surface?

+ How do I clean stairs with the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner?

+ Can I use the Rug Doctor tool and your solutions to clean a mattress?

+ Is the Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine heavy?

+ What is the average drying time?

+ Do I need to visually check the plug and cable for any damage that may have occurred in transit before I use the machine?

+ Do I need to clean the machine before I return it?

+ Can I share the Rug Doctor with friends and family while I have it out on rent?

+ When should I rent a Rug Doctor Wide Track?

+ Can I use the Rug Doctor to dye my carpets?

+ What do I do if I accidentally damage the machine?

+ What do I do if the machine is stolen while I have it out on rent?

+ Can I buy a Rug Doctor rather than just rent it?

+ What happens if I need advice on how to use the machine?