Rug Doctor

Rug Doctors' unique approach to stain removal to certain specific stains and odours.

At Rug Doctor, we know one-solution cleaning is impossible, because different stains attach themselves in different ways to carpet fibres and require specific solutions for effective removal.


Traffic Lane Cleaner

Sticky, greasy stains such as motor oil, make-up, grease, soil, dirt, tar and wood stains use Rug Doctor Traffic Lane Cleaner followed by machine cleaning with a Rug Doctor.

Spot and Stain Remover

Liquid, oily stains such as chocolate, coffee, curry, fruit juice, mud, oil, permanent marker, shoe polish and makeup use Rug Doctor Spot and Stain Remover.

Urine Eliminator

For pet puddles, nappy overflows and incontinence accidents or stains from bodily fluids, vomit, blood and beer use Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator.

Odour Remover

Removing odours from carpets such as mildew, smoke, sewage backup, perspiration and pet accidents, use the Rug Doctor Odour Remover.

Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner

Deep cleaning and revitalising upholstery use Rug Doctor's Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner.

Oxy Power Stain Remover

For unidentified dried-in stains or difficult food and drink stains like red wine or curry use Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover.

Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner

To deep clean upholstery, mattresses and car interiors, use Rug Doctor Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner.

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